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Keeping track of your high value assets doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. At LVM Track, we make asset tracking simple. We deliver easy to use Asset Management solutions all within one convenient, powerful platform.








Protect valuable fleet assets
Enhance asset management
Increase profitability

Effective asset tracking gives businesses an advantage that propels them ahead of the competition.

LVM Track provides dynamic data including the location & status of assets in the field.

Control every aspect of your equipment from maintenance to fuel management. Make use of cost-effective & reliable remote monitoring. Embrace flexibility and extensive support for a wide range of tailored devices & sensors.

Asset Tracking

Key features

temperature sensors

Temperature, humidity, pressure and other sensors support


Various RFID-enabled solutions

GPS location

GPS Location and Breadcrumb

sensor values

Detailed landmark history of asset movements and sensor values

ios & android mobile apps

Native iOS and Android mobile apps


Trigger-based alarms and notifications

powerful report

Powerful report-building tools


A simple and easily accessible Dashboard

heavy equipment tracking

Heavy Equipment Tracking

Detect theft of construction materials and fuel, control loading and unloading processes, generate reports for a specified time period, and receive data on a variety of parameters.

Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking

Real-time and historical locations, frequent reporting, alerts and different intervals for moving/stop.

Agriculture GPS Tracking

Agriculture Tracking

Transparent data about fields, crop rotation, automated calculation about cultivated field areas, fuel consumption, mileage, speed, and other parameters.

Asset tracking device

Compatible Asset Tracking Devices

Asset tracking devices provide dynamic data on location and condition of assets concerned, detecting every aspect from temperature to airflow. Asset Tracking devices we provide are compatible with dozens of enterprise systems.


Real-time Asset Management

LVM Track provides a cloud-based system, seamlessly integrated into mobile applications featuring a wide range of IoT solutions. Get real-time asset tracking visibility with detailed reports on their location. Know your assets’ whereabouts with a click of a button to save time, reduce dwell time, with the added convenience of not having to physically look for your asset. Reduce costs by ensuring critical assets are available and identified quickly when you need them the most.

Protect Your Valuable Assets

LVM Track gives you clear visibility on your entire pool of assets and their current status. Using real-time Geofence status with reporting and alerts, you can detect potential theft or unauthorized use. Prevent potential loss and impact to your business by taking immediate preventative action.
max asset utilization

Improve Productivity

LVM Track’s comprehensive asset management solution reduces paperwork, simplifies workflow and optimizes processes. Make better, quicker decisions with real-time insight into your assets’ current status and availability. Automate reports and create custom notifications to alleviate your team, keeping the focus on what matters.

Maximize Asset Utilization

Get a deeper understanding of asset life cycle to reduce or eliminate unnecessary maintenance cost. Additionally, by leveraging KPI’s such as dwell time you can optimize utilization of your current assets and allocate existing resources more effectively.
protect your valuable assets
Non-Powered asset tracking

Non-Powered Asset Tracking

Locating non-powered assets (such as trailers, containers, chassis, bins, etc.) can be time consuming. With real-time repots & alerts you can keep your finger on the pulse by knowing where your asset is, where has it been previously, and whether or not it is being used within authorized parameters. LVM Track can help with more effective asset inventory management, increase security from unexpected events, and provide peace of mind.

Asset Tracking Solutions for Industries





food industry

Food & Beverage

oil & gas

Oil & Gas

utilities industry






Service industry






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