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Connected Cameras

Dash cameras have become a necessary tool for businesses with vehicles on the road. By using LVM’s connected Dash Cam solutions, you automatically decrease risk and liability + proactively increase driver safety.

LVM offers a wide range of dash cam solutions in various form factors to fit any need, from passive cameras with local on-board data storage to live integrated cameras with web storage.

Cameras Solutions

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Passive Cameras

  • State of the art MDVR’s
  • Expandable up to 8 cameras Interior & exterior
  • Loop or event-based recording Harsh driving, accident detection, etc
  • Tamper proof Integrity of your data
connected cameras

Connected Cameras

  • Live view
  • Critical event driven
  • Coaching tool
  • Increase safety
  • VMS suite
connected cameras


  • Scalable
  • Local + web storage
  • Data redundancy,
  • Flexible

Video Telematics

Videos are automatically recorded and uploaded to the cloud based on violations and user defined critical events, providing a full picture for you and your driver’s protection. Live view at any time to audit driver behavior or witness an important drop off. Our tool provides notifications, historical video, and even advanced tools for archiving and coaching.

Connected cameras save time, decrease costs, and take the risk out of video management. With many flexible camera options available, we have a solution to meet and business need. LVM Track supports the industries largest selection of connected Dash Cameras. From easy to install compact 4G cameras to expandable MDVR variants that support up to 8 cameras per device, we help you protect your drivers, your vehicles and your valuable cargo.

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Video Telematics
Video Telematics


The next generation of connected cameras are here today with buil-in Artificial Intelligence. Our AI based cameras provide you and the driver with valuable life saving tools. Traffic accidents cause more than 1.2million fatalities per year. On top of that, up to 50 million people are injured or disabled as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

LVM AI dash cameras provide advanced active collision warning and driver abnormal behavior warning systems. Our artificial intelligence algorithms can detect and identify the following behaviours:

Advanced Driver Assistant System

Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS)
  • Front Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Headway Monitoring and Warning

Advanced Driver Assistant System - Driver's behavior

Driver Status Monitor Alert
  • Fatigue Driving
  • Phone usage
  • Driver Smoking
  • Driver Distraction


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