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Canada & USA Compliance

Stay compliant with the ELD mandate and streamline your operations from asset tracking to IFTA automation, dashcams, and more.
Stay Compliant

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Over 3000 fleets across North America simplify their safety and compliance with Switchboard.
Easy HOS Logs & Driver Analytics

Easy HOS Logs & Driver Analytics

Automated IFTA & DVIR Reports

Automated IFTA & DVIR Reports

Speeding, Idling & Violations Alerts

Speeding, Idling & Violations Alerts


Maps & Geofences: Track Your Fleet

Dispatch, Engine Report & More

Dispatch, Engine Report & More

24/7 Support In Three Languages

24/7 Support In Three Languages


The unified fleet management solution

Incredibly easy-to-use for drivers

Stay compliant with the ELD mandate and streamline your operations from asset tracking to IFTA automation, dashcams, and more.

Switchboard will simplify your end-to-end fleet management operations, with asset/vehicle tracking, an easy-to-use ELD, driver management, and more. No need for training or experience. It allows you easily to set up and comply within minutes. Switchboard ELD enables you and your staff to focus on the business while relying on Switchboard to do the heavy lifting of compliance and platform simplification.

  • Trusted by 2000+ fleets across North America
  • The app can be set up and learnt in 10 minutes
  • 24/7 access to the support team

Digital Vehicle Trip Inspection Reports

Make sure your Drivers fill out proper inspections

Switchboard automates DVIR process, simplifying the pre-trip and post-departure inspection process for drivers by embedding the steps required right in the app. It will also notify both drivers and managers if there are any post-trip inspection compliance issues or required repairs, so.

  • Pre-Trip and Post-Trips with driver signature sign off
  • Get alerts when drivers forget to complete pre-trips
  • C-TPAT Trip Inspections supported
switchboard DVIR
IFTA Reporting

IFTA Mileage Reports Automated

A few clicks are all it takes. Instant IFTA reporting per state/province.

Switchboard automatically calculates mileage travelled per region with a combination of GPS tracking and odometer readings. It also generates mileage reports for any driver to plan routes or audit driver mileage reports automatically. With Switchboard ELD, you can automate IFTA Workflow in minutes.

  • Instant IFTA reporting per state/province
  • Generate mileage reports for any driver
  • Upload receipts from any fuel card
Engine Diagnostic Insights

Get ahead of vehicle malfunction

Save money and headaches by getting ahead of any issues in your fleet

Switchboard has implemented engine diagnostics algorithms to allow drivers and fleet managers to tell how their vehicles are performing on the road easily. Fleet Managers get alerts as to which vehicles are throwing error codes and how frequently they have a certain diagnostic error.

  • Know exactly when and which vehicles are acting up
  • Save a trip to the mechanic with Automatic Engine Code Translation
  • See the status of your fleet in real-time
hos eld
Hours of Service

Manage fleet safety from one location

View all your drivers in real-time

Keeping track of all the hours of service rules takes too much effort when you have the rest of your job to worry about. With Switchboard ELD, you know exactly how much time is left for each hours-of-service rule.

  • View driver logs at the click of a button
  • Fix hours-of-service remotely with Log Edits
  • See how many cycle hours your drivers have remaining


Travelling between the US and Canada?

Switchboard automatically switches between US and Canada rules based on your GPS location.


ELD Benefits

  • Intuitive User-Friendly Design
  • FMCSA & Transport Canada Certified
  • Reliable Bluetooth Connection
  • Great System for Small Drivers or Owner Operators
  • Automated Reporting for IFTA
  • Optional AOBRD Availability
  • Supports HOS Rules for the US and Canada


Supported devices

Switchboard ELD is integrated with tracking devices from verified manufacturers so that we could offer an entire telematics package to any fleet owner.

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