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Electric Vehicles

Prepare for the emission regulatios and be fleet efficiency
energy efficiency
Electric Vehicle (EV)

Replace your fuel vehicles with EVs(Electric Vehicels)

Are you thinking replacement of fuel vehicles with EVs(Electric Vehicles)?

Monitor EVs’ battery charge level, location, and charging station in real-time with EV Fleet Management Software.

Be prepared for your fleets and optimize your EVs with our Fleet Management Software.

desktop management at office eld

Fuel and EV energy usage report

The report provides insight into battery use whether it is being maximized or not. It is useful to evaluate the performance of each vehicle and see a comparison between fuel vehicles and EVs. It also helps you ensure that your vehicles are being used effectively and track carbon emission goals.

EV charging report

A charging history of your EVs provides you when and where vehicles are charging, the length of charging time, and location. This report gives you deeper insights for each EV to monitor their charging history and how your EV is at its current level of charge.

desktop management at office eld
desktop management at office eld

Real-time charging status

It enables you to track and monitor your EVs’ charging status in real-time and get alerted whenever their battery reaches a critical level and needs to be charged.

Route planning

It provides not only optimized routes for your EV fleet, but also nearby charging stations while ensuring that dispatched EVs have enough battery to complete the task.

desktop management at office eld
desktop management at office eld

Battery health

You can monitor your vehicles’ battery capacity and health in real-time. Analyzing battery health based on weather, usage, and charging habits can help you optimize your vehicles’ performance.

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