LVM Track has a vast suite of industry-specific solutions which serve almost every business type and industry. Some of the specific business types and industries that we served are outlined here.


  • Billing and productivity tools
    • Travel and stop time
  • Fuel Management
    • Costs, fillings, theft
  • Driver ID
    • Report on Driver, not just the vehicle
  • Driver Scorecard
    • Group rankings and coaching tools
  • Automated vehicle maintenance
fleet management solution for small business
fleet management solution for enterprise


  • Dashboard with KPI’s
  • Extensive API & Integration tools
  • SSO – Single Sign On
  • Corporate Hierarchical Synchronization
    • Users, roles, import, export
  • Maintenance+
    • Cost management, analysis, inventory, reporting


  • GIS Tools
  • Transit Applications
  • Support for Mixed FleetsWinter
    • Maintenance
    • Public Safety
    • Public Works
    • Waste Management
    • High value assets
  • Hosted & On premise options
fleet management solution for municipal & government
fleet management solution for transportation


  • IFTA Reporting
  • Dispatch, Logistics & POD
  • Fuel Management
  • Truck & Trailer (Reefer, heated, dry, chassis, etc)+


  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Engine Hours
  • Machine Utilization
  • Site inventory
  • Operation Hours
    • Payroll, Operator ID
  • PTO & Sensor Tracking
fleet management solution for construction
fleet management solution for service


  • Work order Distribution
    • Proof of service
  • Mobile Forms
  • Billing and productivity tools
    • Time on site
  • Fuel Management
    • Idling, unauthorized use
  • Driver ID
    • Report on Driver, not just the vehicle
  • Driver Scorecard
    • Group rankings and coaching tools
  • Automated vehicle maintenance


  • Geo-fencing & Plotting
  • Special Vehicles/Equipment
  • Field cultivation
    • Crop rotation, catalogue
  • Environmental Monitoring & Sensor data
    • Soil & air temperature, air particulate, humidity, +
Agriculture tracking
public transportation tracking


  • Connected Camera
  • ADAS
  • Passenger ID + Counter
  • Location broadcast
    • Mobile App passenger tool
  • Stops, routes, rides, monitoring, reporting
  • Dashboard
    • KPI’s, trends, passenger management


  • API & Integration tools
  • Usage Management
    • Overuse, unauthorized use
  • Geographical controls
  • Maintenance alerting, scheduling, reporting
  • Security
fleet management solution for rental

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