Vehicle GPS Tracker

LTE Plug & Play Vehicle OBDII GPS Tracker

No Monthly Fee. No Installation & Maintenance Fee.
Free GPS Tracking Software, 2 years data plan included.
Real-Time GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Cars, Pickups, Vans.
plug & play

Plug & Play

No installation and maintenance fees. You can start the tracking immediately.

GPS location

Real-Time and buffer locations

Real-time location updates can be as frequent as 3s. Up to 60,000 location points can be saved in buffer if out of network coverage.

driver behavior

Driving behavior detection

6 axis accelerometer for accurately detecting reckless driving events such as harsh acceleration, turning, braking and crash.


Smart Alerts

You can’t fix eyes on the screen forever. And you don’t need to. If there’s something urgent you should know, the system will inform you via email or pop-up notifications.

ios & android mobile apps

Mobile App

If it’s urgent – save time on opening your laptop. A smartphone will serve you as well. We developed a native app for iOS and Android featuring all functions of the platform lodging in your pocket.


Geofencing and Tracks

Add here geofences to restrict the area of the movements – whenever your car or dog leaves it, you’ll be notified.

$169 CAD + Tax

No Monthly Fee. No Installation & Maintenance Fees. Free GPS Tracking Software & 2 years data plan included.

Free shipping in Canada

LTE Plug & Play

Real-time GPS OBDII tracker

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LTE Plug & Play real-time GPS Tracker is the most comprehensive and advanced portable GPS Tracker in North America.

LTE Plug & Play real-time GPS Tracker provides you with not only real-time location updates but also trip history, notifications such as theft, exceeding the speeding, geofence entrance/exit, other alarm events, driving style scores, and an advanced dashboard providing statistics and analysis. It is easy to connect with your vehicle and you can use the tracker immediately.

gps tracking software demo

Free GPS Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Software Application is a set of free applications for processing data from your GPS tracker.

It is specialized applications to track the location, analyze trip history, receive notifications, and more. It is easy-to-use functionality: graphs, tracks, event history.

TLD2 front

Plug & Play - Start GPS tracking immediately

No installation and maintenance needed. With quick start/install guides & videos, you can start tracking your vehicle immediately.

gps tracking plug & play

Real time and buffer locations

Real-time location updates can be as frequent as 3s. Up to 60,000 location points can be saved in buffer if out of network coverage

Tracking vehicles and providing insight vehicle data

track vehicle and insight data

Telemetry data

View sensor values and other parameters of your tracker.

map options

Vehicle on the map

Watch your vehicle’s position in real-time.

route optimization


See the whole route from start to finish.

GPS location


Divide your track into separate trips.

Trip beginning and end

Trip beginning and end

Notificaciones about the beginning and end of a trip.



Notification about towing of your car or another vehicle.

dash camera


Watch how your vehicle was moving.



Total mileage by day, week or month.



Mark important places on the map.


Driving style scores

Scores for steady driving of each trip.


Alarm message

Notification about an alarm event.


Security mode

Notification about leaving the parking place.



Notification about exceeding the preset speed.


Sharing location

Live location sharing.


No connection

Notification that there is no connection with your vehicle.