LVM Track Fleet Preparedness Rating Guide

Welcome to the LVM Track Fleet Preparedness Rating Guide.

This free tool will help you to find out how efficient your Fleet is by answering a couple of questions!

It only takes 2 minutes!

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1. Do you have a telematics solution today?
2. Do you track your vehicles and assets?
3. Do you have a corporate sustainability initiative?
4. Is downtime affecting your business?
5. Are your truck loads optimized?
6. Do you coach your drivers today on their driving habits?
7. Do you monitor driving behaviour?
8. Do you operate fully digital (paperless)?
9. Do you know where your drivers are at all times?
10. Do you measure your fleet performance?
11. Is fleet operation cost a major impact to your bottom line?
12. Does maintenance have an impact to your efficiency?
13. Is fuel cost a pain point?
14. Do you monitor fuel consumption?