Monitor values of counters and sensors


You can visualize any number of sensors in real-time to react quickly to any situation.
sensor dashboard

Properly leveraging, managing, and utilizing data

LVM Track’s sensor is an application that enables you to monitor the values of counters and sensors from stationary and moving units.

Moreover, the application provides the possibility to get notifications on equipment operation failures, if received values differ from the ones indicated in the values range.

sensor dashboard

Unlimited sensors

You can display and control all the parameters while the number of displayed sensors is unlimited.

sensors customizable dashboard

A fully customizable interface

it has access to different parameters and key performance indicators of stationary and mobile assets. It provides you with a comprehensive interface and makes all the values clearly visible.



It responds to device faults via online alarms, SMS, and email notifications.

sensors +

Sensors +

With Sensor+,  you can visualize any number of sensors in real-time to react quickly to any situation. It is a handy tool to monitor counters & sensor values from both stationary and movable assets.

Enjoy a fully customizable dashboard interface with real-time asset management and clearly visible values. Always have your finger on the pulse and the first to know about potential equipment failures. Information is presented in easily understandable charts.

sensor dashboard

Sensors you can monitor

  • Idling
  • Fuel level and consumption
  • Temperature & Reefer Monitoring
  • PTO
  • TPMS
  • Door open/closed
  • Plow up/down
  • And many more
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