Discover the Future of Fleet Safety with our Telematics Fleet Dashcam and Cloud A.I.

Feb 5, 2024 | Fleet management, GPS Trackikng, Telematics, Transportation & Logistics

In today’s fast-paced world, fleet management companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve safety, efficiency, and overall performance. Enter Advanced A.I. Dashcam, an AI dashcam that is revolutionizing the way fleets operate and enhancing road safety across North America.


The Power of Advanced A.I. Dashcam

Advanced AI Technology

At the heart of Advanced A.I. Dashcam lies cutting-edge AI technology. This intelligent dashcam actively detects risky driving events and unsafe behaviours, making it a game-changer for both drivers and fleet managers. It offers real-time reminders to drivers, helping them avoid potential risks and uploading critical event data to the fleet management platform for targeted driver training.


Crystal Clear Video RecordingAD Plus Crystal Clear Video Recording

Advanced A.I. Dashcam boasts an ultra-wide 140° DFOV road-facing lens that supports up to 1920P UHD video recording, ensuring that every detail on the road is captured with precision. Additionally, a 170° DFOV driver-facing lens provides 1080P HD video recording, ensuring accountability and monitoring of driver behaviour.


Comprehensive Surveillance

This versatile dashcam supports up to 4-channel video recording, featuring H.264/H.265 encoding. With 2x256GB dual-Micro SD card storage, it allows for the simultaneous storage of main streams and sub streams, ensuring you never miss a crucial moment.


Real-Time Communication

Advanced A.I. Dashcam offers built-in Wi-Fi and a 4G communication module, providing real-time and accurate vehicle position information and operation data to the fleet management platform. It even includes an inertial navigation positioning module for enhanced accuracy.


Security and Data Protection

Security is paramount in fleet management, and Advanced A.I. Dashcam prioritizes it with AES256 encryption for video/audio data and TLS1.3 encryption protocol for data transmission. Your data stays safe and secure.


Versatile Inputs

With 4-channel IO input, 1-channel CAN, and 1-channel RS232, Advanced A.I. Dashcam is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and can be seamlessly integrated into your fleet management system.


Intelligent Driver Assistance

Advanced A.I. Dashcam goes beyond just recording. It comes equipped with built-in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) functions, including lane departure warning (LDW), forward collision warning (FCW), and headway monitoring warning (HMW). These features help prevent accidents and keep drivers safe.

forward collision warning

headway monitoring warning

Lane Departure warning

Enhanced Driver Behaviour Monitoring

The built-in DSC (Driver State Camera) function can detect unsafe driving behaviours, ensuring that drivers adhere to safe practices. This feature allows for proactive intervention and coaching to improve driver safety.


Seamless Communicationseamless communication ad plus

Advanced A.I. Dashcam also excels in communication, offering a high-quality remote intercom and video live view playback. This feature simplifies fleet management, making it more efficient and responsive to real-time events.


Easy Installation and Compatibility

The compact design of Advanced A.I. Dashcam ensures that it doesn’t obstruct the driver’s line of sight, regardless of the vehicle size. It can be powered through OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) for easy installation, minimizing downtime.


Enhanced Safety Features

With sleep mode and remote wakeup capabilities, a built-in 6-axis gravity sensor for rapid acceleration and deceleration detection, harsh cornering, and accident detection, Advanced A.I. Dashcam takes safety to the next level.



Advanced A.I. Dashcam is more than just a dashcam; it’s a comprehensive solution for fleet safety and management. With advanced AI technology, robust features, and a commitment to security and data protection, it’s a must-have for any fleet management company looking to enhance safety and efficiency.

Don’t wait to embrace the future of fleet management. Upgrade to Advanced A.I. Dashcam today and experience the difference for yourself.

To learn more about how Advanced A.I. Dashcam can transform your fleet operations, visit our A.I. Dashcam page.



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