What’s New in August 2021

Aug 17, 2021 | Newsletter, Update

Good day LVM Track clients and partners!

We hope you are all doing well and enjoying this hot summer weather!  Internally, our development efforts have been focusing on changes to our add-on applications for LVM Track Pro+ users.

We’ve improved the Dispatch+ app design and the notification settings. In Agri+, we added a turning time setting and enhanced the odometer warning system in Maintenance+. Continue reading to see all the enhancements!



What’s new

New Logic & Auto-assignment

Transit+ uses new logic which continuously calculates ETA’s and early/late arrival times, including which vehicle in on a particular route.  It is no longer necessary to manually assign vehicles to routes, the system detects this automatically and makes the assignment from there.

The new method

Automatic assignment of a unit to a route happens when a vehicle enters the route’s first stop geofence.

The new functionality works as described below.

1) Units are assigned to a ride, and the Automatic assignment of the units check box is activated.

Transit+ units check box

2) The rides for these routes will be created upon the ride activation time or entering the stop geofence. In addition, we have also added a new type of ride activation – upon entering a geofence.

3) When creating a ride, the system will assign the unit to the ride from the list of bound units. If there are several active rides, the unit will be assigned to the next ride automatically.

The new automatic assignment option allows you to avoid manual assignment of units when a fixed set of units is bound to a route.

Circular routes

A circular route is a route in which the first stop coincides with the last one but has a different visiting time specified in the schedule.

A route can now be looped in two ways:

a) when creating a route using the Circular route option;

Transit+ circular route

b) when editing a route using the Loop option.

Transit+ loop option

The route can also be looped using the map.

Transit+ loop map

This functionality enables you to use looped routes and use the first stop as the last stop specifying individual visit time in the schedule. Thanks to this, it determines whether the unit is ending the previous ride or simply is approaching the first stop using a different road.

Please note that for reports, the time of visiting such a stop will be recorded twice: at the beginning and the end of the ride.

Additionally, when a unit arrives at the first stop and crosses other stops on the route, the system will not record these visits as a valid stop.

Relative schedules

Another change significantly expands the scope of Transit+ implementation, as it allows tracking public transport rides without schedules, which in its turn means effective monitoring of:

  • rides that are not bound to a specific schedule;
  • transport that departs when there is a sufficient number of passengers;
  • public transport in regions where scheduled rides are not possible for various reasons.

The new feature allows the creation of rides upon visiting the first stop of the route just like when units are automatically assigned to a ride, but only without a specific schedule. You can create relative schedules or change the type of schedules you already have.

Transit+ relative schedules

Please note: relative schedules only work with the automatic unit assignment.

With a relative schedule, a one-time schedule is created where the stops visit time is detected from the start of a ride. A one-time schedule is displayed each time a ride time is displayed. The ride events’ data is also generated according to a one-time schedule: hurry, delay, no-show, etc.



Turning time setting

When Agri+ calculates mileage and fuel consumption, the turning time value defaulted to 2 minutes. However, this 2-minute default doesn’t apply to all businesses. For example, turning time could take longer when machinery is too bulky or terrain is too rough. Some users want to reduce the 2-minute period when a tractor works on two fields and moves between them.

To make mileage and fuel consumption data more accurate, we updated the turning time setting and now users can customize the turning time value in the Search settings section of the Resource tab.

Agri+ turning time setting

Turning time in the Search settings

The default value is 2 minutes, but the user can select from 1 to 5 minutes in the drop-down list in the settings.



Warning about changes in mileage

In Maintenance+, the values of mileage and engine hours used in the charts are synchronized with the vehicle in LVM Track.

If you update the data in LVM Track, there may be a discrepancy in the cost per 1-kilometer parameter in the charts and in these sections. To avoid the possible error caused by this discrepancy, we have added warnings that will appear when the values of mileage or engine hours were changed in LVM Track.

If you decrease the values of mileage and engine hours in the selected period, you will see a warning icon with a tooltip.

Maintenance+ Warning about changes in mileage

Warning about changes in mileage



Client notification method configuration

We have moved the Notification method option from the Import orders section to the Order parameters section on the General settings tab for all orders you import and create.

dispatch+ Client notification method

Notification method setting in Order parameters

The notification methods have now been relocated to a separate section, where you can configure notification defaults for all orders.

We also added the Show button to notification cards of all types, except for notifications when a route is deleted. After clicking on the button, the order or route is centered and highlighted in the table.

dispatch+ notification cards

The Show button in notification cards

Login page redesign

We have completely changed the login page design and updated the application logo in the navigation bar. Now the page has a different background, the Dispatch+ icon, and a new simple design.

dispatch + login redesign

Login page


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