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Oct 21, 2021 | Newsletter, Update

Good day LVM Track clients and partners!

Q4 is here, our busiest time of year!  With the increased sales demand, we continue to work to bring important enhancements and updates.  Please read this month’s platform enhancements and check out some great blog articles we’ve done this month.

LVM Track New Features and Enhancements

Sensor Report Enhancements

Sensor names are now visible in report columns, making it much easier to select a specific sensor for summary data, including calculations of the selected sensors.  Previously you needed to know the sensor name, and manually search for it, which can be quick a challenge. This is particularly handy if you have several similar sensors like multiple reefer zones or Tire Pressure.

Data is now represented in the report in a more readable and easier-to-understand summary format.



Generating files for maps with fields

We have implemented a new feature that allows you to download a map with fields as a separate file.

Now, both pages of the map and the general map in reports have buttons to save the visible part of the map in a PNG file. The downloaded file includes the map on the user’s screen with the same filters, names, tracks, and omissions.

The image on the downloaded file covers approximately the same area that is visible on the screen. The level of detail of the map is selected automatically: for example, when zooming in, you see more details, and they will be displayed in the PNG file.

The downloaded map can be used in reports and presentations, during planning sessions, and for a better explanation to agricultural operators.


Search settings on the Registration page

Some agricultural operates need to use options settings in the resources section quite frequently.  This is necessary when some of your units have sensors and others don’t, or if one works starts at a different time each day. You then had to assign drivers in the system manually or adjust the resource settings every time.

We have now made this much simpler by adding a new option to customize the search settings on the Registrar page. By clicking on the icon iconin the upper right corner, you set the necessary parameters for the current session. You no longer need to open the resource tab in settings each time to make adjustments.



Showing the compound cultivation straight after creation

When several units are cultivating a field simultaneously or when a single unit works on a field for a number of days, you can group the cultivations in a compound one.

Previously, you had to go to the Reports page, configure parameters, request data, and design new cultivation to create compound cultivation. The whole process was quite time-consuming.

Now compound cultivation opens automatically once it’s created, with all the properties are visible in it – you immediately see the result of the action performed. This will save a lot of time for your dispatchers as most farms perform compound cultivations every day.

Sorting data on the Campaigns page

Last month, we discussed launching campaigns in Agri+. We have continued to expand the functionality of this page. For example, we’ve now added a feature to sort the table contents by any column.

The column containing the list of operations is sorted alphabetically, intervals – by the campaign’s start date, fields – by the number of fields. You can now choose which parameter to apply to put in order campaign data visualization. For example, if you choose to sort by the Interval column, you’ll see the most recent cultivations. While using the Operation column, you’ll quickly find the type of work you are looking for.

Updating data in the Progress tab

We’ve added a new button to the Progress tab that allows you to quickly update information. This button requests new cultivation data updates these graphs.

This is great for organizations with several dispatchers, or when a dispatcher works on several tabs throughout their day.  All stakeholders will now always have the latest information on campaign progress.

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