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Apollo ELD
Canada & USA Compliance

Fully Certified – Canadian Mandate & FMCSA
ELD certified
FMCSA & Transport Canada registered

Fully Certified ELD Compliance

Apollo ELD is fully Certified in Canada and meets local & federal regulations in the USA, and Mexico.

Stay compliant, meet mandate requirements and adapt to an evolving industry.

Paperless and Cost Effective

Lower ELD Compliance Costs

Using Apollo ELD will save you time and money. Leverage a more efficient and effective way to eliminate additional paperwork by using electronic DVIR reporting. Optimize your processes in the field.

stay compliance
Prevent Violations and improve safety

Keep Drivers happy

Keep your drivers safe and happy with a user-friendly & intuitive interface. Drivers will be aware of remaining driving/duty time and alerted before a violation happens. All log data is easily accessible in real-time by your office staff from the web portal.

ELD apollo mobile app

Apollo ELD Solutions

Apollo ELD is a scalable and easy-to-use ELD solution(Canada & USA) for companies of any size. Compatible with various platforms, you can choose a mounted solution or a BYOD-type deployment that leverages existing smartphones in the field as your driver’s interface.

The driver app permanently displays the remaining “on-duty” and “driving” status time, ensuring the driver is aware and in control of their compliance and cycle status. Drivers can quickly generate an electronic logbook on the spot to review or to show to a roadside inspector (in inspection mode).

The office staff has real-time access to all log data from a web-based portal that is accessed from within the main LVM Track fleet management platform (for clients that bundle both solutions), or via a standalone portal (for ELD only clients). With powerful dashboards and management tools, it allows you to easily identify compliance issues before they happen, and make better/faster decisions with real-time logbook data from the field.

Apollo ELD is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

Apollo ELD also includes an electronic DVIR system and reporting tools for you and your drivers. This helps to eliminate paperwork and provides a simple digital tool for your drivers to perform circle checks from within the same ELD application (for added convenience). DVIR data is relayed back and stored in the cloud, which can be accessed via the online portal for your office and maintenance staff, as well as providing storage for historic DVIR reports for easier access.

Reports are also saved locally on the driver’s device for access anywhere, anytime.

  • Save time and ensure inspections are performed
  • Identify potential problems early and take action
  • Avoid penalties
  • Keep CSA basic scores low
  • Historic reports

fuel tax
IFTA Reporting

International Fuel Trade Agreement

In addition to compliance and DVIR, the Apollo ELD solution provides additional value-added tools (such as shipment scheduling, communication between shipper and receiver, etc.), one of which is IFTA reporting capabilities. Along with collecting ELD data, relevant data that is pertinent to IFTA submissions is also captured, to help simplify the process for you and your driver.

Drivers are able to also log fueling events and fuel receipts all within the ELD application to ensure all important information is captured in one place.

The IFTA module gathers the above information automatically (as your vehicles pass borders and drivers input their information), and allows you to build reports for relevant jurisdictions and export them into a PDF report for easy submission.

DTC warning on apollo ELD app
Detailed diagnostic code including FMI
Engine Diagnostics

Engine Malfunction Alert System

Have your customers experienced problems with the engine on the road? Did the drivers feel anxious when the engine malfunction light was on, and they had no idea what was going on? Well, there will be one headache less.

apollo ELD serves as an efficient alert system to the driver on the road and the personnel of the back-office.

Drivers on the road will receive notifications on their apollo ELD app showing existing engine faults.

Diagnostic codes are also sent to the online portal where dispatchers can run reports per vehicle, active/inactive fault codes.

On the apollo ELD mobile interface, a new icon (to the right of the ECM status icon) will appear when an engine fault is detected (sent by the supported ECM devices). Drivers can also go to the new “Engine Diagnostic” menu option to see a list of active engine faults.


ELD Benefits

  • Increases driver safety
    • Decrease violation and prevent accidents
  • Stay compliant
  • Reduces Costs & Save Time
    • Put hours back in your employee’s day
  • Eliminate errors
  • Centralized control for easier management
  • Identify potential issues before their arise
  • Avoid failed inspection and/or penalties
  • Keep CSA basic scores low
  • Digitize and simplify DVIRs

Supported devices

Apollo ELD system is integrated with tracking devices from numerous verified manufacturers so that we could offer an entire telematics package to any fleet owner.

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