Decrease Risk & Liability
Increase Productivity & Driver safety

GPS Fleet Tracking Software

LVM Track offers the most Comprehensive & Advanced Fleet Management platform available for your Vehicles, Trailers, Machinery and Equipment, with over 4.2 million+ tracked assets globally.





Decrease Risk & Liability.
Increase Productivity & Driver Safety.

GPS Fleet Management

Give your business the competitive advantage it needs by managing your fleet with the world’s largest and most comprehensive vehicle tracking system. LVM Track offers the most advanced telematics platform with unparalleled fleet management tools.

We meet 99% of all business needs with the largest platform globally, tracking over 4.2+ million assets and growing.

GPS fleet management integration

The most comprehensive GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Key Features

Advanced reporting

Fully customizable with multi element calculations.

Route optimization

Providing more accessible search of locations and better route building.

Live vehicle tracking

With real-time GPS, you can see exactly where a truck is located on a route at any moment.


Automate your dispatch by Importing jobs or use our API to integrate with your application.

Vehicle maintenance

A powerful dashboard to plan, control, and manage costs of vehicle maintenance.

Driver behavior management

Reduce on the job vehicle accidents by up to 98% with effective driver behavior management.

Fuel Management

Optimizing fuel expenditure and ultimately saving you money.

Multiple map options

GPS tracking navigates you to the best and shortest routes for your vehicles.

Improve Driver Safety & Performance

GPS fleet tracking enables you to monitor your fleet and get valuable information about driver activities such as driving behavior and harsh driving events, which can increase wear and tear on your vehicles as well as create unsafe situations for your drivers. These events are summarized by our analytics engine and sent to your fleet manager for review and coaching.

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

With real time data from the field you can save time and reduce fleet operational costs. LVM Track can optimize routes to get your divers where they need to be faster & safer, and complete more jobs within the same time period. Efficient routes also help by prolonging vehicle life span and eliminating unnecessary driving.

Fuel costs are one of the largest factors in fleet expense, reduce fuel utilization and fuel waste with LVM to save money and protect the environment.

Resource Optimization & Compliance

  • Utilize resources effectively and optimize scheduling with powerful tools provided by LVM Track.


  • Leverage ELD today. Mandated in Canada on June 21, 2021, ELD provides excellent back office management services, reduces costs, eliminate paperwork, and add time back into your day.
Resource Optimization & ELD Compliance

Maximize Vehicle Utilization

Reduce vehicle idle time, speeding, and mileage for vehicles by using analytical data provided by LVM Track.

The impact to your business is immediate, save money on fuel and eliminate unnecessary operational costs.

Improve Customer Experience

On-time delivery and quick response times with customers are crucial to improving customer service. Excellent customer facing tools like driver arrival notifications, signature capture, and delivery confirmations are automated tools to assist you and your team.

Build brand loyalty and increase customer retention with LVM Track. All you need is a mobile device and the LVM Dispatch+ app. Connect with us to find out more about integrating with your existing internal tools.

Improve Customer Experience
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